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Best Dog Ramps For Cars & SUVs

Best Dog Ramps For Cars & SUVs

A Dog Ramp can be constructed from either wood, plastic or steel that is flat and level. A ramp runs from a lower level to a higher level and its purpose is to enable dogs to reach this higher level without having to jump or climb and consequently avoid injury.

The most common use of dog ramps would be when traveling with your dog as it enables him to enter and exit your car or SUV effortlessly and easily. In addition, ramps are often used in a home setting too as they can help your dog onto the couch or your bed. In this article, we will be looking at Dog Ramps for Cars and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs).

Quick Pick - Best Dog Ramps for Cars & SUVs

Dog RampsOur Rating
Pet Safe Deluxe  XL Telescoping Ramp
Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp
Pet Safe Deluxe Telescoping Ramp
Pet Gear Tri Fold Extra Wide Portable Pet Ramp
Pet Step Original Folding Pet Ramp 



No. 1 PetSafe Solvit Deluxe XL Telescoping Pet Ramp

Pet Safe Deluxe  XL Telescoping Ramp makes our top pick. It works great at helping your fur baby with entry and exit from your car, van, minivan, or SUV.

We particularly like that’s it also can be adjusted and adapted for all sizes of vehicles. As the platform is adjustable it can be extended from 47″ to 87″. This extension can help reduce the incline of the ramp so your dog will be able to climb a less steep incline.

It weighs 18 lbs and can be stored easily as it slides inwards and locks with a safety latch. This allows you to store it in your vehicle. The ramp has also been independently tested with weights of 300 lbs.

The surface of the ramp has a non-slip high traction surface that helps prevent any slips. In addition, there are also side rails to prevent any falls. The extra width of this ramp also offers a bit of extra safety space especially if your dog has a wide girth. The four rubber feet also help maintain the stability of the ramp while in use.

Another great feature is it’s easy to clean by using mild soap or hose off as required and there is even US-based customer care to answer any questions.

The Pros

Extra-long platform


Safety rails

Stable as it has rubber feet.

Cleans very easily

USA Customer care

The Cons

The surface on the ramp not suitable for some dogs but can be replaced with mats


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 No. 2 Pet Gear Free-Standing Ramp for Large Dog

The Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp is another great pick and the free-standing feature means that you don’t need to rest the ramp on the vehicle. This can give extra stability to the ramp and it means there will be less bending or excess wobbling of the ramp.

As well as free-standing it’s also foldable and great for easy compact storage. It weighs approx 17 lbs and it can hold weight up to 200 lbs. Along the side, there are raised edges that can help prevent any slippages.

The Ramp Measurements are as follows:

  • Length 56-inch
  • Width 16-inch
  • Height 23 inches


This ramp also comes with SupertraX . This can be used on ramps and stairs where traction is a concern.

A great feature is that SupertraX allows for “pressure-activated gripping” which means the more pressure the pet puts on the mat the stronger the grip achieved.

The Pros

Free standing and sturdy

Easy fold-up for compact storage

Pressure activated gripping on the ramp

Indoor & Outdoor Usage

The Cons

Some dogs find the SupertraX  gripping unsuitable so use alternative mats for the ramp


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No 3. Pet Safe Solvit Deluxe Compact Telescoping Pet Ramp

This Pet Safe Deluxe Telescoping Ramp has very similar features to its bigger cousin the XL version. This model differs in that it is not as wide or as long.

The ramp is an adjustable telescoping ramp allowing your fur baby to get in and out of different size vehicles. It easily slides down to a smaller and more compact size compared to the traditional telescoping dog ramp. This means that it can be easily stored in your vehicle.

This length of the ramp is also extendable from 28 inches to 70 inches with a width of 16 inches. The four rubber feet help maintain the stability of the ramp while in use. It has also been independently tested and rated supporting weights as heavy as 300 lbs.

Another good feature is how light the ramp is at 14 lbs and it should not be too difficult to lift in and out of your vehicle as required. It is also easily cleaned with mild soap or hose off as required and there is even USA-based customer care to answer any questions.

The Pros

Support rail

Rubber feet for stability

Easy to clean.

USA Customer care

The Cons

The surface on the ramp not suitable for some dogs but can be replaced with mats


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No.4 Pet Gear Tri-Fold Extra Wide Portable Pet Ramp

The Pet Gear Tri Fold Extra Wide Portable Pet Ramp  is extra wide at 19.5 inches and suitable for pets weighing up to 200 lbs. The extra width gives your dog the additional room to walk comfortably on the ramp.

Your dog can be guided on the ramp as it has high visibility with the reflective material that can come in handy at night=time. The surface is also skid-resistant and this works even if it’s wet.

The addition of rubber grippers on the bottom of the ramp helps its stability when in use.

The folding design of this ramp allows you to conveniently store it. There is also the added bonus of a carry handle so now you can bring it anywhere.

The Pros

Extra wide at 19.5 inches

Reflective material on the surface which is also skid resistant when wet

Folds away for compact storage

The Cons

As with most other ramps some dogs had issues while walking on the anti-skid surface layer


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No. 5 Pet Step Original Folding Pet Ramp

The most praised feature for the Pet Step Original Folding Pet Rampis the non-slip rubberized walking surface that’s soft to dog’s paws. . This works great as it gives your dog’s paw a good grip on wet and dry conditions.

Advanced composite plastic and fiberglass are the two main materials used in the ramp’s construction thereby making the ramp strong and sturdy. Consequently, it will not rust or corrode and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. This construction also gives it the ability to hold up to 500 lbs (animal use only).

The heavy-duty rubber grips at each end keep the ramp in place during use


  • Open: 70 L x 17 W x 2.5 H inches
  • Folded: 36 L x 17 W x 5.75 H inches

The manufacturer also stands over this product and gives a 5-year warranty. The product is available in both beige and graphite gray color.

The Pros

Non-slip rubberized surface

Sturdy & strong

Rubber grips at each end

5 Year Warranty

The Cons

Quite heavy at 19 lbs so not as easy to maneuver as lighter ramps

Does not completely fold flat as a little bulky


Check Price on Amazon


Why Use A Dog Ramp?

Protect  Your Dog From Injury

When your dog is young and healthy there is seldom an issue for your fur baby getting into and out of vehicles. Unless of course, he lands awkwardly from jumping. Unfortunately, as your dog grows older it may not be possible for him to jump like he did in his younger days and a dog ramp could help greatly with this task.

Also if your dog is overweight or obese many veterinarians recommend the use of dog ramps so as not to damage the joints. The dog ramp distributes the weight evenly thereby reducing any pressure on the joints. In addition, certain breeds of dogs such as Dachshunds, Basset Hounds, and Corgis may be prone to back injury and the use of a ramp is recommended.

Protect You From Injury

Have you ever tried lifting a fully grown German Shepherd into or out of a car or SUV? Well, there is a good chance you could cause some serious back issues for yourself. Using a dog ramp will solve this problem as there is nothing worse than back pain when you have to be active.

Practical & Convenient

Using a dog ramp is both practical and convenient as it takes the hassle and awkwardness in trying to lift your senior dog into your car. Many of these ramps can be easily stored as they can be folded and are also lightweight to take on trips.


What’s Better for Dogs –  Steps Or Ramps?

For senior dogs,  dogs with joint issues, and for certain breeds of dogs, I would recommend the use of a ramp over stairs.  Going up and down stairs can be difficult to perform and can place extra strain on the joints. Also for SUVs and higher vehicles, a ramp would be the most practical method.


Training Dogs To Use A Ramp

Your dog will firstly need to familiarize himself with the ramp so firstly ensure it’s lying flat and stable and let your dog investigate and smell this new item.

Then as with all types of dog training, you will need to give plenty of encouragement with lots of praise and a stack of treats. While you at your dog’s side give him plenty of encouragement to walk. on the ramp. You may need to use a leash and slowly encourage each step. You will need to be patient.

As your dog’s confidence grows slowly you can then higher the ramp and again give encouragement as he moves along the ramp. Over time slowly increase the ramp height to the desired level.


How To Pick A Dog Ramp


It is very important that the ramp chosen is not set at too high an angle thereby making it difficult and possibly dangerous for your dog to walk on such a ramp. Taking this into consideration you will need to know the height of the access point and then make sure that the angle set would not be too high.

Grips On The Ramp

Having grips on the ramp can help prevent any slippages or falls from the ramp leading to injury. The ramps listed in our picks all have grips.

Ramp Weight

From a convenience point of view, it comes in handy having a lightweight ramp. It means that you can disassemble it and lift it easily into your vehicle for storage. You won’t have to work out with weights to lift the ramp!

Safety Rails

Does the dog ramp have side safety rails to ensure your dog stays on the ramp?


How To Measure Your Dog For A Ramp?

  1. If the ramp is for your dog to access your car or SUV then it will be necessary to measure the height from the ground to the access first.
  2. Next, you take note of your dog’s weight and also your dog’s width. To measure his width measure your dog’s widest point which is usually the shoulders.
  3. The next consideration is what length of ramp would be required. The higher the height that the ramp needs to be the longer the ramp needs to be so that your dog can negotiate it successfully. Some dogs can cope with a higher incline but it will all depend on your dog’s physical capability. Some ramps can adjust their length so that the incline is not too steep. Normally a ramp should have an incline angle between 18 to 26 degrees.
  4. To maintain this incline angle, a 3 feet long ramp would be required to reach a height of 13 to 16 inches. If the height to your car or SUV  is 25″ to 30 ” then the dog ramp length should 5 to 6 feet.
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