Pet Expressway for Dogs

Dog Adoptions

Choosing An adopted Dog

Puppy Temperament Tests

Puppy Temperament Tests

Nature vs Nurture Nature vs Nurture is a long held debate in psychology.  The debate can be simply summed up with this question. Nature vs

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Humane organizations

The Sato Project

The Sato Project is a voluntary organization based in Puerto Rico. It is dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico. The organization

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Dog Surrender Issues

This section focuses on behavioral issues that are common amongst dog’s who enter animal shelters each year. These issues are important to highlight in an effort to educate people before they decide to give up their pet.Explaining these issues may lead the owner to attainable solutions . This could allow them to keep their dog.

Also common behavior problems in dogs do not magically disappear because they have been surrendered to an animal shelter It is likely that a person who adopts a dog surrendered for a behavior problem may face these same issues.

Once again, explaining cause and effect of behavioral issues routinely held by dogs being placed into new homes can give adopters a head start in being prepared. This can make for a successful integration of this dog into their new home.

Canine Rivalry

Understand Canine Rivalry

Amongst the behavioral reasons why dogs are surrendered to animal shelters is a concept called Canine Rivalry. In a nutshell, Canine Rivalry is when 2

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