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5 Best Bully Sticks for Dogs

5 Best Bully Sticks for Dogs

Most dogs enjoy a good chew and a treat especially puppies. Hopefully, it’s not your shoes or boots though! We often reward our fur babies with treats but too often we are unaware of what goes into these chew-able treats. All too often we fail to look at what goes into them and don’t realize that many are jammed-packed with un-necessary colorings and chemicals.

Did you know that Bully Sticks are one most natural dog treats available?

As well as being 100% natural bully sticks are full of protein and many are without preservatives and additives. This makes it a great choice for sensitive tummies. Being full of protein they can help assist the body with organ or tissue damage and if your dog needs to put on some extra pounds in weight they are loaded with calories too. Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword so you would need to be careful not to give too many as your dog could end up overweight.

Treats should only account for 10% or less of your dog’s total diet.

In this article, we selected our top 5 bully stick choices below.

Best Bully Sticks for Dogs

Raw Paws Bully Sticks.Bully |Sticks from Raw PawsOur Rating 4.6
Downtown Pet Supply 6 inch Bully Sticks Our Rating 4.5
Barkworthies Odor-Free Bully SticksOur Rating 4.4
Pet Premium Easy to Chew Steer/Bully Sticks Our Rating 4.5
Natural Farm Bully Sticks Our Rating 4.5


Article Summary: 5 Best Bully Sticks

What are they? What Are Bully Sticks?
Benefits Benefits of Bully Sticks
Are They Safe? Are Bully Sticks Safe?
Buyers Guide For Bully Sticks Buyers Guide For Bully Sticks
Top Picks Top Picks For Best Bully Sticks

Dog chewing bully stick


Top Picks: Best 5 Bully Sticks

No 1. Raw Paws Bully Sticks

Our top pick goes to Raw Paws Bully Sticks. Their 6-inch standard sticks are suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. Made from free-range European Turkish beef that has been grass-fed.  so no antibiotics, additives, or preservatives, and they’re low in fat too.

Each resealable bag contains 5 bully sticks. Each stick length is 6 inches and approx 0.4 inches in thickness. The good news is that the odor is too strong but enough for your dog to enjoy. They’re also non-greasy so will not stain while used indoors. Raw Paws also offers a full money-back guarantee.

Raw Paws Pet Food
6″ Bully Sticks from Raw Paws

Key Features

Origin – All Natural Free Range

They originate from grass-fed and free-range cattle.

No Preservatives

There are no preservatives, antibiotics or chemicals added

Low Odor & Non-Greasy

The odor is not too strong and they’re also non-greasy. This helps when the chewing takes place indoors!


The Pros

American family-owned company

All-natural and derived from free-range cattle that are grass-fed

Not contain any preservatives or additives

Money-back guarantee if not 100% satisfied

The Cons

Some users still found sticks had an odor but it does fade over time


Check Price at Raw Paws

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No 2. Downtown Pet Supply 6 inch Bully Sticks

The Downtown Pet Supply 6 inch Bully Sticks are 100% natural beef. This company never uses artificial flavors, preservatives, or chemicals and it sources its beef from Argentina where all the cattle are grass-fed. This product has also been approved by the FDA and USDA.

Their 6-inch bully sticks are available in six different pack sizes – 4, 8, 15, 20, 48 & 100 pack.


Downtown Pet Supply 6 inch Bully Sticks
Downtown Pet Supply 6 inch Bully Sticks

Key Features

All Natural

Aall-natural and have absolutely no preservatives or chemicals.

FDA & USDA Approval

Have been approved by FDA and USDA.


The Pros

All-natural grass-fed Argentina cattle

Do not contain any preservatives or chemicals

Variety of pack sizes available

The Cons

Some users found an odor but over time it dissipates


Check Price on Amazon


No 3. Barkworthies Odor-Free Bully Sticks

Barkworthies Odor-Free Bully Sticks are all-natural and don’t contain preservatives or chemicals. The one big advantage of this product is the odor-free feature. Some users don’t like the smell though so Barkworthies have come up with the odor-free option for bully sticks. However, there is still a beef smell from the sticks but it is not very strong.

The beef that is used in production is grass-fed and free-range from Brazil. This company’s products have been regulated and tested by both the FDA and USDA. It comes in one pack with 5 bully sticks and each bully stick is 6 inches.

Barkworthies Odor-Free Bully Sticks
Barkworthies Odor-Free Bully Sticks

Key Features

All Natural

All-natural and does not contain any preservatives, chemicals, or additives. They come from Brazilian grass-fed cattle.


Their products have been regulated and tested by both FDA & USDA


The Pros

All-natural from grade fed Brazilian cattle

Regulated & tested by FDA & USDA

Odor-free to  an extent

The Cons

Although classified as odor-free there is still a trace smell of beef but not strong


Check Price on Amazon

No 4. Pet Premium Easy to Chew Steer/Bully Sticks 15 Pk

The Pet Premium Easy to Chew Steer/Bully Sticks come in one pack with 15 thin bully/steer sticks.  These bully sticks are most suitable for senior dogs, young puppies, and also easy chewer dogs. It is all-natural and free of preservatives and additives.  It is an American family-run business in Des Moines, Iowa that produces this product. The cattle are all American and are grass-fed.

Pet Premium Easy to Chew Steer/Bully Sticks 15 Pk
Pet Premium Easy to Chew Steer/Bully Sticks 15 Pk

Key Features

All Natural

These bully sticks are all-natural and free from preservatives and chemicals.

Thin Bully Sticks

As these bully sticks are thin they work suitable for young pups and small/medium dogs. Also, some senior dogs may enjoy a thinner bully stick as it’s easier to chew than the thicker standard bully stick.


The Pros

All-natural and free of preservatives & chemicals

Family-based business in Iowa, USA

Thin bully sticks most suitable for puppies, older dogs & smaller breeds

The Cons

Too thin for larger dogs or aggressive chewers


Check Price on Amazon


N0 5. Natural Farm Bully Sticks

The Natural Farm Bully Sticks are all-natural and free from hormones, preservatives, and any additives. The bully sticks come in a variety of lengths and packs. The standard bully sticks of 6 inches come in a pack of 15, 20 & 25.  Bully sticks 7 inches long come in a pack of 10 &  Bully sticks 12 inches long come in a pack of 12.

Their bully sticks are derived from grass-fed beef. The production of the bully sticks takes place at their own food-grade facility. All beef is cleaned with fresh clean water and slow oven-baked to maintain all essential nutrients and goodness. And if you have a sensitive nose you will be happy to hear that only a slight odor can be detected.

This company also supports non-profit pet organizations such as shelters and pets in need.

Natural Farm Bully Sticks
Natural Farm Bully Sticks

Key Features

All Natural

The bully sticks are all-natural and slow oven-baked without any preservatives, chemicals, or additives.

Low Odor

There is very little odor from these bully sticks.

Various Package Sizes

6″ Bully Stick  – Pack of 15, 20 & 25
7″ Bully Stick  – Pack of 10
12″ Bully Stick – Pack of 12


The Pros

All natural free of preservatives, chemicals, hormones, or additives

Made at own food grade facility

Very little odor from bully sticks

USA Company

The Cons

There can be varying degrees of thickness with bully sticks

 Check Price on Amazon


What Are Bully Sticks

Many people are more familiar with calling them Pizzle Sticks or Steer Sticks but do you know what this tasty dog treat is made from? When some people find out they’re sorry they ever asked. Anyway, for those of you who are not aware,  a bully stick is made from the crown jewels of a bull or steer – in other words, the penis!

As not many people would dine on the penis of a bull or steer it is a classified by-product of an animal. Some could be turned off by giving their dog this treat but it’s just a classification for animal products that you would not eat yourself.

There are various ways of making them but the two main ones are drying the beef or alternatively cooking and flavoring the beef.

Being a natural-based product it comes in various shapes and sizes. A considerable amount of time can be spent chewing them. As a natural product is has a unique odor. Dogs don’t mind and I would suspect they enjoy the aroma but for humans, potentially a deal-breaker. Reduced odor sticks now available, suitable for noses with extra sensitivity!.

Benefits of Bully Sticks

Easy To Digest

As bully sticks are 100% beef they’re easy to digest. This can help dogs with sensitive stomachs who cannot eat other types of treats. Bully sticks dissolve into a safe soft form.

No Splinters

Bully sticks will not splinter so that’s one less thing to worry about. When chewing bones, splinters can cause all types of problems from bleeding gums to internal injuries when swallowed.

Relieve Boredom

Bully sticks give your fur baby plenty of chewing action. It can help if your dog gets bored or suffers from any anxiety. If you find that your puppy prefers to chew your slippers or shoes try giving him one of these sticks. It may save your shoes!

Protein Source

There is one ingredient and that’s beef. Consequently, it’s a protein-based treat with nutritional goodness.

Good for Teeth

They’re good for those pearly whites as a lot of chewing is needed and normally they will last for a considerable period.  There can be a reduction in plaque and tartar as chewing stimulates the teeth leading to healthier teeth.  That doesn’t mean teeth brushing should grind to a halt. You’ll still need to brush those canine teeth though.

Good for Joints

Bully sticks can be beneficial for joint support as beef has glucosamine and chondroitin.



Are Bully Sticks Safe?

In general, bully sticks are safe, however, if you have a dog with dental issues it might be best to avoid the thicker sticks and also the braided ones. They won’t splinter into little bits like bones but these sticks are still hard and young puppies and older dogs could have difficulty chewing them.

If you have a dog that gulps and swallows food whole, then you would need to be careful with any type of chewing item including a bully stick.

They provide a considerable amount of chewing action, however, as it gets worn down to the last 2 inches or so you would need to be careful. Make sure your dog does not swallow the stick in one go. If this is the case then the best option would be to take the remaining piece of the bully stick away. In order to remove the bully stick, you may need some form of distraction or enticement with another toy or even a short walk and then quickly remove and dispose of the stick.

With dogs not used to eating bully sticks, it’s worth checking to see how things are going with the chewing. You need to be careful not to overfeed your dog especially if he is being given sticks on a frequent basis. The main reason is that they contain a lot of protein so best not to overindulge them.

We’d recommend a maximum of 2/3 bully sticks per week for the average-sized medium dog. Smaller breeds a maximum of 1.5/2 depending on the dog’s size. Again every dog is different and if you have an overweight pooch then perhaps bully sticks can be put on hold until some of that weight is lost.

They help with boredom too, providing hours of chewing time. If it’s the first time your canine has chewed a bully stick then it worth keeping an eye on him. As the end of the bully stick approaches you should be on standby just in case he decides to swallow the remaining part.



Buyers Guide For Bully Sticks

What To Consider


There are many different-sized bully sticks so make sure you select one that’s a suitable size for your fur baby. If it’s too small it could pose a choking hazard and if you choose one that’s way too big there could be difficulty chewing through it.

Standard bully stick sizes are 6/8 inches and this length is suitable for medium-sized dogs from 30 lbs to 50 lbs
For Smaller dogs from 10 lbs to 29 lbs, a bully stick around 4 inches would be suitable.  Larger breeds may be happier with jumbo-sized bully sticks up measuring up to 18 inches.


If a bully stick does not state its origin then the beef quality could be inferior.  It’s best to choose a quality bully stick from a recognized source. Ideally, sourcing bully sticks from free-range pasture-raised cows and grass-fed would be the best.

Different Shapes

They are available in different shapes and sizes. There is no major difference to the bully stick quality but some dogs enjoy chewing thicker or thinner sticks or ones with different shapes.  Guess it would boil down to whatever’s best for your dog.

Free from Preservatives

Ensure sticks do not contain preservatives and colorings and they’re 100% beef.  For dogs with allergies or sensitivities, they’re a great option.



Our overall top pick for the best bully sticks goes to Raw Paws Bully Sticks. Their 6-inch standard sticks are suitable for small to medium-sized dogs as they don’t contain any preservatives or additives. The beef used comes from free-range and grass-fed cattle in Turkey. There are 5 bully sticks that come in each resealable bag.


Sharing a bully stick
Two Mastiffs Sharing a Bully Stick
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