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Best Dog Backpack Carriers For Small Dogs

Best Dog Backpack Carriers For Small Dogs

Dog Backpack Carriers allow for the safe transport of mostly small and medium-sized dogs on your back. They all come with backstraps and some have extra security straps too. They are used mostly when hiking walking cycling and shopping and you wear them like a regular standard backpack.

The major difference between these dog backpacks and a regular backpack is that they are designed exclusively to carry your dog on your back. Many of these dog backpacks have a mesh-type design with good ventilation so your dog will not overheat.

Now there are many variations of wearable dog carrying bags but in this article, we will be exclusively focusing on Dog Backpacks Carriers for small or medium dogs that attach to your back rather than a front backpack similar to a standard baby style carrier that carries the dog in the front as his legs fit through holes at the front.


Best Dog Backpack Carriers For Small Dogs

Below we have listed our top picks for best dog carrier backpack for small dogs.
Dog Carrier Backpack Our RatingMax Weight
Pet Ami Deluxe Pet Carrier4.5 Stars18 lbs
K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack4.5 Stars30 lbs
Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack 4 Stars18 lbs
Ytonet Dog Backpack Carrier4.5 Stars18 lbs
Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack 4.5 Stars25 lbs


Article Summary: 5 Best Backpack Carrier for Small Dogs

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Top Picks: Best Dog Backpack Carriers for Small Dogs


No 1 –   Pet Ami Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

If you’re on the search for a backpack carrier allowing for it to be fully enclosed and yet provide optimal airflow and ventilation so your dog will not overheat then Pet Ami Deluxe Pet Carrier is the backpack for you.

Pet Ami Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

Well Ventilated

This Dog Backpack carrier has been designed for optimal airflow. It’s important that an adequate air supply is circulated so that your dog can remain comfortable. What I particularly like about this backpack is the two-sided access and the zip-up mesh window for more headroom and visibility. Your dog can easily view what’s happening on your walk.

Reinforced Structure & Support

The backpack has a firm reinforced structure that gives your pet enough space to move around. Also included is a thick Sherpa-lined bedding making journeys inside cozy and comfortable and it can easily be removed for cleaning if required.

The extra thick padded shoulder pads provide that extra bit of comfort on your hike and the waist and chest buckles give that extra bit of support.

Some users of this backpack found that after a while hiking they noticed that there is a bar at the bottom of the backpack that can cause some discomfort and dig slightly into the back so they recommended the use of a towel for an extra bit of cushion support.

Storage Pockets

Another feature not found in all backpacks is that the Pet Ami Deluxe Backpack has pockets enabling you to store food, wallet, purse, keys, etc.

Airline Approved

The backpack is also airline approved and its tapered design allows you to slide the bag under the airline seat without any difficulty. The rigid edges help keep the shape of the bag so that your pet will not be crushed by a collapsed bag. It is always recommended to check with individual airlines before traveling.


  • 12.5 x 10.2 x 16.3 Inches (L x W x H)
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 18 lbs.
  • Material: Durable 600D high-grade polyester
  • Available in 9 Colors – Black, Dark Gray, Heather Gray, Heather Taupe, Light Blue, Light Gray, Pink, Royal Blue, Red
  • Ideal for small dogs and small to medium-sized cats.

The Pros

Great Ventilation

2 Sided Access with Zipped Mesh Window

Airline approved

Solid Structure

Nice and thick padded shoulder straps and safety devices

The Cons

On long hikes, the bar at the bottom can cause discomfort on your lower back so recommend using a towel for cushion support.


Check Price on Amazon

No 2 –  K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack

The K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack is a backpack for both the outdoor or sport-inspired doggie parent.

K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack


Comfortable & Ventilated

The backpack is comfortable to wear and on both sides, it has ventilated cooling panels so that your pet can remain comfortable and cool while you head off on your adventures together. The shoulder straps are wide and made from moisture-wicking material which means that the sweat travels out to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate without cooling you down too much.

Forward Facing

This backpack is designed in such as way that your dog faces forward and can see what you’re up to.  Your dog will be in a sitting position, with its front paws resting on your shoulders. The K9 Sport Sack is vet-approved. It has a really cool design and is perfect when you want to bring your dog on a trek, hike, or stroll in the park and they can see what’s going on too!

Carry Up to 30 lbs Weight

This dog carrier backpack is capable of carrying dog breeds that weigh 30 lbs or less. It is one of the higher capacity bearing backpacks in this category. It also has a firm flat bottom with approx 1/4 inch padding. The K9 AIR will fit dogs with a length of 14-17 inches and have a girth of up to 27 inches. Typical dog breeds that will fit this size backpack include Chihuahua, Maltese, Teacup Yorkie, Pomeranian, and Papillon.

Quality Guarantee

Another good feature is that it is a  U.S.A. based company that offers a 60-Day Quality Guarantee.

Instructional Video on How to Get your Dog into this K9 Dog Backpack

YouTube video


The Pros

Comfortable to Wear & Well Ventilated

Strong & Durable

U.S.A. based with 60 Day Quality Guarantee

Side Pockets for Storage

The Cons

No extra storage just side pockets

Can get warm for both due to body heat so instructions say not to have the dog in a backpack for more than an hour at a time


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No 3 –  Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack

The great thing about the Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack is the expandable back design that offers your pet plenty of space and wriggle room so he certainly won’t be claustrophobic in this carrier. Suitable for pets up to 18lbs.

Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack


The top part of this backpack can be opened allowing your fur baby a chance to pop his head out to see what’s happening. There is the option to zip the cover which is composed of a breathable mesh.

The sides are rigid and the top half is composed of clear plastic with two one-inch holes on each side to provide air ventilation.


The backpack is made from high-quality oxford cloth. It is waterproof, anti-scratch, and non-irritating.

The bottom of the backpack has a removable firm bottom that can be unzipped and features soft, comfy padding for your pet to sit or sleep on comfortably. One side is composed of soft plush material which is great for those winter days to keep your pet warm and cozy and the other side is made from oxford cloth which will is great for those summer days to keep cool.

Built-in retractable hook safety rope with anti-escape zip to prevent pets from escaping

Structure & Safety

The mainframe of the backpack is sturdy. It comes with an adjustable shoulder pad which helps reduce the load. To prevent the shoulder straps from slipping there are two retractable buckles on the top and bottom of the backpack.

It also comes equipped with a safety strap that you can connect to the collar of your pet which helps prevent any accidental falls or even escapes.

Now the only remaining question “Is it Airline Approved.” Unfortunately, the seller could only recommend contacting the individual airline as they say that each airline sets its own specific requirements, and they can even vary from their domestic, international, and shuttle services.


  • Size: 17.3″ H x 13.4″ L x 10.6″ W
  • Product color: Gray
  • Product size: 34*27*44 cm / 13.4*10.6*17.3 in
  • Extended size: 62*34*45 cm / 24.4*13.4*17.7 in

The Pros

Sturdy Design with Expandable Section

Adjustable Shoulder Strap &

2 Large Side Pockets

Removable Bottom

The Cons

Not waterproof


Check Price on Amazon

No 4 –   Ytonet Dog Backpack Carrier

This soft-sided dog backpack is made from polyester. The Ytonet Dog Backpack Carrier provides plenty of room for small dogs to move. It is suitable for weights up to 18lbs.

Ytonet Dog Backpack Carrier

Access & Ventilation

There are 2 ways your dog can enter the backpack and it is possible that he can stick his head out of the backpack while you are walking. It comes with 4 breathable mesh windows especially designed for visibility and air circulation.


There is a tether inside the backpack where you can attach your dog’s lead. This is to prevent any jumps for freedom or accidental falls.

The bottom zipper have a lockable function, making sure your naughty friend can’t open the door himself


Another handy feature when the backpack is not in use is that you can fold it and store it away

  1. Open the top and bottom zippers
  2. Place the top and bottom covers inside the main compartment
  3. Fold the rest of the backpack to make it flat.

The Pros

Lots of space
Fold-able for storage

2 Way Easy Access

The Cons

Could benefit from a strap across the chest when carrying


Check Price on Amazon

No. 5 Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack

Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack is the perfect all-round backpack. It looks great and it works wonders for outdoor adventures. It can also transform from a backpack into a traditional carrier due to its ingenious design. Designed to carry pets up to 25 lbs.
Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack

Design & Ventilation

The backpack is lightweight weighing under 3 lbs. It is durable and has softly padded compartments for your pet.
There are top and front grab handles. It also has a hip belt and sternum strap which help distribute the weight.

For ventilation, there are air mesh ventilated side pockets and the back panel is ventilated too. The roll-up mesh ventilated window at the top is a great idea especially if it’s raining your pet can take cover.

There are water bottle pockets on the side and even a laptop pocket inside. So when you head off on that hike you can take your office with you.

Waterproof Bottom

The backpack is suitable for all weathers. It has a water-resistant fabric top and a waterproof armorsole bottom

TSA Airline Approved

The manufacturer claims the backpack is TSA airline approved, however, as with other manufacturers they recommend contacting the individual airline as they say that each airline sets their own specific requirements, and they can even vary from their domestic, international, and shuttle services.

Lifetime Warranty

There is a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer’s defects. It gives you peace of mind that they will stand over the quality of this dog carrier backpack.

Kurgo is an American company located in New England.

The Pros

Ingenious design can transform from Backpack to Carrier

Side Storage Pockets & Laptop Storage

Lifetime Warranty from Manufacturer

U.S.A based company in New England

The Cons

More expensive than others but high quality


Check Price on Amazon

Are Dog Backpacks Safe?

Yes, dog backpacks are safe to use as they are designed exclusively for canines. Many have extra safety features like security straps and have good ventilation to ensure your dog does not overheat.


5 Benefits of A Dog Carrier Backpack

1. Senior Dog

There are now no excuses not to take senior dogs on hikes or trips that would have been too much without this sort of backpack.  On many occasions, a long trek can be too exhausting and tough for older dogs. It will give you and your senior dog the opportunity to spend more time together outdoors enjoying all of its benefits.

2. Separation Anxiety

Some dogs cannot bear to be apart from their owners even for a few minutes. They almost go into hysterics if left alone. So if your beloved fur baby fits this description a backpack will most definitely come in handy.

3. Weather Too Hot or Cold

Again on those cold winter days, your puppy can be tucked up nicely in the backpack away from the biting wind and harsh weather with no need to put his paws onto the cold ground. The same applies when it is too hot. During hot summer months, the sidewalk may be too hot for those little paws and cause discomfort. So simply placing your fur baby in the backpack can help eliminate this problem.

4. Hands-Free

On the occasions where you need to be hands-free, these dog carriers work wonders. They will enable you to go shopping, have a coffee, and perhaps even read a book knowing that your fur baby is tucked safely on your back.

5. Medical Issue

If you are ever out walking or hiking with your dog and an emergency situation arises then you know that you safely carry your dog with this type of backpack. It’s one less thing to worry about and takes away any stress or anxiety.


5 Things To Consider Before Buying

1. Dog Size & Weight  & Backpack Specs

This is probably one of the most important things to consider. As a general rule, most dog carrier backpacks are made mostly for dogs up to 30 lbs in weight so that it’s suitable for most small to medium-sized dogs. When you go over that 30 lb weight it can be difficult for the average person to carry this weight on a long walk or hiking adventure. The first few minutes could be fine and after a short while, it begins to get heavier and heavier with each step.

So the first thing you need to do if considering this type of backpack is to get your fur baby on those weighing scales to weigh him. Once this is complete the next step is to begin the process of selecting a backpack suitable for your fur baby’s weight. However, although your dog may have a suitable weight to use a particular backpack there could still be an issue as dog size also needs to be considered.

Consequently, you will need to measure your dog’s length and height. The length is measured from the back of the neck (just where the collar sits) to the base of the tail. To measure your dog’s height he needs to be in a standing position and you measure him from the floor to his shoulder.

Ideally, you should select a backpack that comes with ample room to ensure your furry pal can turn around easily and also has adequate room to enable him to sit or even lie down.

When a backpack is too big it will result in your dog being able to slide and move too freely in the backpack and on bumpy rides this could possibly cause an injury. In addition, in big bags, some dogs will not feel secure in a big bag compared to a bag that fits snuggly. Likewise, if the backpack is too small then this can lead to discomfort and could cause anxiety and stress.

2. Backpack Durability

There’s no point buying a backpack if it just falls apart after a few uses. A durable backpack is a necessity. Look at the materials used in the design of the backpack. Is the fabric of good quality so that it won’t tear or loose stitching and consequently weaken its structure?

3. Backpack Security

As dog parents, we know that dogs can get up to mischief and we sometimes wonder how did they do that. Well, an important consideration when choosing a backpack is the type of security it offers to make sure no escapes occur from the backpack.

Ensure it has added security features to keep your dog safely and securely in the backpack such as zippers and connections for the leash.

4. Adequate Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is vital and many backpacks are now made from breathable materials. There should be wide mesh panels or holes for breathing in the backpack. When you are out for a walk in the summer sun it can get very hot in a backpack. Dogs overheat much quicker than humans so it’s vital that enough air is circulating to avoid any unnecessary harm to your loved one.

5. Additional Storage

As well as carrying your best pal in the backpack there should also be additional storage capacity for items you may like to take along with you such as keys, wallet, purse, cellphone and a water bottle. Having the facility to store such items in the backpack is important and will leave you hands-free to enjoy the outing.


5 Tips When Using A Dog Backpack

1. Always Use The Security Clip

Most backpacks now have security clips connecting your dog’s lead to the backpack. It is a safety feature to ensure there are no accidents with falls from the backpack.

2. Correct Size

Make sure you purchase a wearable backpack that fits your dog’s size.  There are weight limit recommendations and different sized carriers so it’s important to weigh and measure your pooch beforehand.

3. Clean Dog In The Backpack

Make sure there are no mucky paws or a dirty posterior before placing him in the backpack.

4. Use Pee Pads

Might be a good idea to place a pee pad within the backpack just in case there are some accidental

5. Check Temperature

It’s advisable to check on your dog to make sure he doesn’t get too warm and overheats so regular checkups would be advisable.



Our top pick for the best dog backpack carrier is Pet Ami Deluxe Pet Carrier. It has been designed for optimal airflow and it has 2-way access and reinforced structure with a cozy and comfortable thick Sherpa-lined bedding on the inside.

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