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Best Dog Carrier Sling Bags For Small Dogs

Best Dog Carrier Sling Bags For Small Dogs

Whenever you go out walking with your dog or puppy there can be occasions when the walk is just too much for them. Their little legs are simply worn out and so they sit down and refuse to walk. I know I’ve had this happen on a few occasions. So if your dog is small and lightweight a dog carrier sling bag could be the solution for this problem.

In this article, we will be reviewing our top 5 picks for Best Dog Carrier Sling Bags for small dogs and outline the main features and list some of the major pros and cons for each one.


Quick Pick - Best Dog Carrier Sling Bags

Small Dog Carrier Sling Bags Our Rating
Yudodo Pet Dog Sling Carrier.4.5 Star
Jekeno Small Dog Carrier Sling4.5 Star
Cuddlissimo! Pet Sling Carrier4 Star
Tomkas Small Dog Carrier Sling4 Star
iPrimio Dog Sling Carrier4.5 Star
Below we have listed our top picks for Best Dog Carrier Sling Bags For Small Dogs



Article Summary: 5 Best Dog Carrier Sling Bags

What Is A Dog Cooling Vest? What is a Dog Carrier Sling Bag?
Benefits of using a dog carrier sling bag 5 Benefits of Using A Dog Carrier Sling Bag
Things to consider before buying a dog carrier sling bag Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog Carrier Sling Bag
Top Picks for Dog Carrier Sling Bags Top Picks for Best Dog Carrier Sling Bag 



Top Picks:

Best Dog Carrier Sling Bags For Small Dogs


No.1  Yudodo Pet Dog Sling Carrier

Yudodo Pet Dog Sling Carrier

Our number one pick is the Yudodo Pet Dog Sling Carrier. This Dog Sling Carrier comes in 3 versions:

  1. Small (up to 5lbs)
  2. Medium (up to 10lbs)
  3. Large (up to 14lbs)
Adjustable Strap

A particularly good feature is the Adjustable Strap. It measures 33-45 inches long and is adjustable to fit both a small person and a larger-sized individual.

Leather & Breathable Mesh

The sling is made from leather and a breathable mesh. This mesh allows your pet to breathe comfortably during those summer months. In the winter you can always put a little blanket in there to keep cozy.

Cell Phone

There is also a Portable Phone Pocket Design which allows you to safely store your cell phone. Although it is recommended not to machine wash you can easily wipe the inside and outside of the sling

The Pros

Durable with breathable mesh

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Portable Phone Pocket Design

Safety Clip

The Cons

Not machine washable


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No. 2 –   Jekeno Small Dog Carrier Sling

Jekeno Small Dog Carrier Sling

The Jekeno Small Dog Carrier Sling is another great option for carrying your pet around. The weight limit for this sling is 13lbs.

Breathable Fabric & Reversible

The sling is composed of soft breathable fabric which makes it comfortable for your dog. What I really like about this carrier sling bag is that it is reversible and can be used on both sides. This cuts down on the number of times you need to wash the bag.

Design & Safety Hook

It also has an attractive gray white design and looks stylish and unique and there is also a safety collar hook that prevents your pet from jumping out of the sling.

Adjustable Strap

The shoulder strap is also adjustable and can be stretched to 36 inches (92 cms).

The Pros

Soft breathable fabric


Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Machine Washable

The Cons

There is no zipper

As it is fully cloth, there is no set bottom structure



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No 3. Cuddlissimo! Pet Sling Carrier

The Cuddlissimo! Pet Sling Carrier is suitable for small-sized teacup dogs and cats below 6lbs.

Cuddlissimo! Pet Sling Carrier

Fabric Durable & Breathable

The fabric is durable and has a breathable nylon mesh for your pet to give them that extra bit of comfort. The bottom of the bag is made from vinyl material.

Machine Washable

The bag is also machine washable on a cold wash.

Safety Hook

The bag opens to 5 inches wide and can close to a maximum of  1 inch.  And it also comes with a special hook design that connects to your dog’s collar in order to prevent any daring escape.

Adjustable Strap

It also has an adjustable shoulder strap so you can adjust it to suit your needs.

Cell Phone

There is also a convenient pocket design to store your cell phone.

The Pros

Durable with breathable mesh

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Portable Phone Pocket Design

Safety Clip

The Cons

Suitable only for small pets under 5 lbs


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No 4  – Tomkas Small Dog Carrier Sling

Tomkas Small Dog Carrier Sling

The Tomkas Small Dog Carrier Sling comes in two main sizes, small and medium, and also offers a choice of adjustable or un-adjustable strap.

Small: Adjustable Strap or Non-adjustable Strap – Pets up to 5 lbs
Medium:  Adjustable Strap or Non-adjustable Strap- Pets from 3 – 10 lbs.

Adjustable with Safety Hook

The belt can be moved to change the size of the opening to fit different sizes of dogs. Also comes with a safety hook for collar attachment.

Big Zipper Pocket for Storage

A particularly good feature of this bag is that it comes with a big zipper pocket. You can store cellphone, keys, cards, dog treat, poo bags, etc in this zipper pocket. is Just remember to zip up the pocket to prevent items from falling out.

Reversible & Machine Washable

The bag is reversible and also machine washable


The Pros

Reversible and machine washable

Choice of strap – adjustable or non adjustable

A big zipper pocket is great for storing cellphone, wallet, keys, etc

The Cons

Not water resistant

Only suitable for teacup-sized dogs

No support on bottom structure


Check Price on Amazon

No 5 –  iPrimio Dog Sling Carrier

iPrimio Dog Sling Carrier is a Reversible Dog Carrier Sling Bag that is made of soft breathable cotton fabric. As it is cotton your dog will feel nice and comfortable in this bag.

iPrimio Dog Sling CarrierAdjustable Strap

This sling bag is 20″ wide by 14″ deep and has an adjustable Shoulder Strap of 26″ long.

Safety Hook & Pocket

Like the other bags in our selection, this one comes with a security clasp to prevent your dog from jumping out. It also has a convenient pocket to store your cellphone. The bag can support pets up to 12 lbs, however, it would not be recommended for pets heavier than this weight.

The Pros

Reversible and machine washable

Breathable cotton

Security Clasp

Storage Pocket

The Cons

As cotton would not be water-resistant

No support on bottom structure



Check Price on Amazon


What is a Dog Carrier Sling Bag?

A Dog Carrier Sling Bag is a bag designed to carry small breed dogs or young puppies. The maximum weight to carry in these sling bags is usually 15/16 lbs but that can vary slightly depending on the sling make.

The sling bag wraps around your shoulder and neck and diagonally across your chest. Your dog then sits or stands in the bag and can pop his head out in the cradle-like opening in front of you. This offers your dog an almost den-like shelter and will give him reassurance and security. Another good thing about these slings is that they are designed so that your dog’s weight is evenly distributed without adding any strain to your shoulder, neck, or hip.


5 Benefits of Using A Dog Carrier Sling Bag

1. Tired Pooch or Puppy

Sling bags are a great option when your dog or puppy is tired and cannot walk any further. You may have set out for a walk and halfway through your puppy brings the walk to an abrupt stop. Simply place them in the carrier bag and off you go again. Your dog can still see what’s going on and will not miss out on any action

2. Separation Anxiety

Some dogs cannot bear to be apart from their owners even for a few minutes. They almost go into hysterics if left alone. So if your dog falls into this category having a sling bag handy can eliminate this problem.

3. Weather Too Hot or Cold

Again on those cold winter days, your puppy can be tucked up nicely in the sling bag away from biting wind and harsh weather with no need to put his paws onto the cold ground. The same applies when it is too hot. During hot summer months, the sidewalk may be too hot for those little paws and cause discomfort. Popping your dog into the sling will eliminate this problem.

4. When You Need To Be Hand-Free

The Dog Carrier Sling Bag is very convenient when you need to be hands-free yet still have your puppy with you. You can go shopping and be able to use both hands or else have a coffee and read a book.

5. Medical Issue

Your dog may have a medical condition and have difficulty walking. The sling bag means that you can take your dog wherever you go and not worry about him. The sling also offers security for your dog and can help reduce any anxiety or stress.


Things To Consider Before Buying A Sling Bag

1. Does Your Dog Like To Be Carried?

Your answer to this question will be crucial. If your dog loves to be in your arms and carried around then he would feel quite happy and content in a dog carrier sling bag. However, some dogs are not too keen on being carried and consequently, a sling bag would not be recommended.

2. Check Bag’s Capacity for Weight  & Size

It is important to check the weight and size to make sure your dog can fit snugly into the bag. If your dog is too heavy for the weight requirements then other options such as a dog carrier bag could be more suitable.

Likewise, if your dog is too big then this is also not an option.

Also, please also consider that if your dog is very small then a larger sling bag could be too much and he ends up getting lost in there.

3. Fabric / Material of Sling Bag

A very important feature to consider is the material of the sling carrier bag. As your pooch will be spending quite a bit o time in there it is very important that he is comfortable and safe.

The material should be soft, strong and durable, and yet breathable. Some of the best materials to use are cotton or fleece which are both soft to the touch and cozy. Another good option for material is polyester and is more weather resistant.

Another important factor to consider with the material choice – is it machine washable? Having a machine washable sling bag is very convenient. It will mean that your bag will not smell and be full of dog hair.

In addition, there are a number of slings that are now reversible.

4. Adjustable Shoulder Strap

As humans, we all come in different sizes and shapes. Being able to adjust the shoulder strap of the carrier sling bag to suit your needs is important firstly from a comfort point of view and secondly from a health and safety perspective. After carrying your dog in the sling for a while in the same position you may want to adjust it slightly to shift its weight. Please note that not all brands of dog carrier slings offer this feature.



Tips When Using A Sling Bag

1. Always Use The Collar Clip

Within the carrier sling bag, there is a collar clip. This is used to connect your dog’s lead to the bag. It is a safety measure so that your dog does not fall out of the bag.

2, Correct Size

Make sure you purchase a sling bag that is the correct size for your dog. There are weight limit recommendations and different sized bags so important to weigh and measure your pooch beforehand.

3. Clean Dog in the Sling

Ensure that your dog does not have any mucky paws or a dirty posterior before placing him in the bag.

4. Use Pee Pads

Might be a good idea to place a pee pad within the bag just in case there are some accidental

5. Use Cardboard

Adding cardboard to the bottom of the sling bag can serve two main purposes. Firstly it protects the inside of the bag from your dog nails tearing the fabric of the bag and secondly, it gives shape to the carrier bag.

6. Check Temperature

When your dog is in the carrier sling it is important to make sure that he does not get too warm and overheats so regular checkups would be advisable.



Our top pick for best dog carrier sling bags for small dogs is the Yudodo Pet Dog Sling Carrier. It is available in 3 sizes and can hold up to 14 lbs in weight. It’s made of breathable mesh and leather and the strap is adjustable to suit your height.

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