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Best Escape Proof Dog Harness

Best Escape Proof Dog Harness

It looks like there are many dog escape artists out there who should be auditioning for America’s Got Talent. Escaping from a dog harness in record time can turn into a nightmare scenario for any dog parent. In this article, we will be reviewing some of the best escape-proof dog harnesses available, how dogs can break out of their harnesses, the various types of harnesses, advantages in using a dog harness, and then a buyer’s guide.

Now I’m sure there are still some Houdini dogs who will find a way out no matter what but for the vast majority of dog owners this selection should help with this escape issue.  Now one of the options listed below to consider is a leash-based harness.

Quick Pick - Escape Proof Dog Harness

Below we have listed our top choices for Best Escape Proof Dog Harness. Further down the page there are more detailed descriptions on each harness where we outline the features and the pros and cons of each one.
Escape Proof Dog HarnessOur Rating
Didog Escape Proof Harness4.5 Stars
Gooby Dog Harness4.5 Stars
Michai Secure Dog Harness4 Stars
Scenereal Escape Proof Harness 4 Stars
Harness Lead Escape Resistant Leash4.5 Stars


Article Summary: Best Dog Lift Harnesses

How Do Dogs Escape from Harnesses? How do Dogs Escape from Harnesses?
The different types of dog harness The Different Types of Dog Harness
The Advantages in Using a Dog Harness The Advantages in Using a Dog Harness
Buyers Guide for Escape Proof Harnesses Buyers Guide for an Escape Proof Dog Harness
Top Picks for Dog Lift Harnesses Top 5 Picks for Escape Proof Dog Harnesses

Jack Russell wearing a dog harness



Best Escape Proof Dog Harnesses

No. 1 – Didog Escape Proof Dog Harness

Out top pick is the Didog Escape Proof Harness. This harness has a very simple and effective design and it’s no hassle placing your dog in this harness and of course, it’s escape-proof too.

Didog Escape Proof Harness

Lightweight with Simple Design

The simple design makes it easy for you to place the harness on your dog. There’s no messing about with legs and straps everywhere.  One buckle does the trick – it’s that easy. The lightweight weight of this harness is an added bonus.

No Pull  Harness with Front D- Ring

There is a front D ring that is welded so you can attach the leash here. There is also the option of an O ring on the back which can provide that extra bit of security.

Reflective Stitched Lines

The harness also comes with stitched reflective lines which give better visibility when out walking in the evening or night.

Comfortable with Padding

The harness comes with well-padded fleece pads beneath the straps for your dog’s neck and back. These pads are wider than the straps and thereby give a really comfortable fit.

Well Made

The harness is well made and constructed with quality nylon material and buckle.

The Pros

Very easy to put on and take off

Well made with quality materials

Soft padding makes it comfortable to wear and secure with metal rings front and top

The Cons

Not able to adjust harness at the front


Check Price on Amazon


No 2 – Gooby Dog Harness

The Gooby Dog Harness is an escape-proof harness designed especially for small dogs weighing up to 35 lbs.

Gooby Dog Harness

No Pull Design

This lightweight harness is designed as a no-pull harness which reduces the space around the back. This makes it harder for your dog to escape if he decides to back up during a walk.

In order for this no escape harness to work, you must make sure you measure your dog correctly. When the harness is pulled fully there should be no space around the back of your dog.

Easy-On & Easy-Off

This harness is very straightforward to put on and off. Simply place the left paw of the dog on the left armhole and the right paw of the dog on the right armhole and pull up to fasten.

Machine Washable

The harness is easy to clean and can be machine washed on cold and then hung to dry.

Patented Design

This easy-fit harness has a patented design (US D805,261 S) that is simplistic in design and light in weight. It also includes the POM plastic leash ring which is very light and durable.


The Pros

Easy on and easy off

Lightweight No Pull Design

Machine washable

The Cons

Only suitable for small dogs up to 35 lbs

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No. 3 – Mihachi Secure Dog Harness

The Michai Secure Dog Harness is suitable for large and medium-sized dogs. It is available in two sizes; Medium: 20-28 inches and Large: 22-32 inches. It’s important to measure your dog correctly so that this no escape harness works effectively. You measure the girth of your dog which is the widest part of the rib cage.

Mihachi Secure Dog Harness

Well Made & Washable

The harness is lightweight and is composed of durable high-intensity polyester. There is breathable mesh material underneath which is padded which gives your dog comfort while wearing the harness. The edges are soft and will not chafe your dog’s body.

Reflective Stitched Lines

The harness also comes with stitched reflective lines which give better visibility when out walking in the evening or night.

5 Points of Adjustment

This harness has 5 points of adjustment which allows you to create a customizable snug fit.

Convenient Strong Handle

This harness comes with a handle that is strong enough to raise up the large breeds. This can be a great help when you need to help your up and over obstacles, while out walking, hiking, etc


The Pros

Well made and washable

5 Points of adjustment for a snug fit

Strong handle

Reflective stitching

The Cons

Not suitable for small dogs


Check Price on Amazon

No. 4 – Scenereal Escape Proof Large Dog Harness

The Scenereal Escape Proof Harness  is  a lightweight and well-constructed harness suitable for large dogs with a chest girth of 31 inches to 45 inches.

2 Leash Points

There are 2 leash points with this harness which will give you better control over your dog.

A strong metal ring is located at the front of the handle near the neck and the other point has a padded nylon fabric circle that is behind the handle and can be used for more relaxed walks.

Soft Padding

This harness has very soft padding on the belly and chest panels. This can help prevent any injuries to the skin from chaffing and friction burns.

Reflective Stitched Lines

The harness also comes with stitched reflective lines which give better visibility when out walking in the evening or night.

5 Points of Adjustment

This harness has 5 points of adjustment which allows you to create a customizable snug fit.

Convenient Strong Handle

This harness comes with a handle that is strong enough to raise up the large breeds. This can be a great help when you need to help your up and over obstacles, while out walking, hiking, etc

The Pros

2 Leash Points

Well made

5 Points of adjustment for a snug fit

Strong handle

Reflective stitching

The Cons

Only suitable for large dogs


Check Price on Amazon


No. 5 – Harness Lead, Escape Resistant Leash

The Harness Lead Escape Resistant Leash is an alternative to the traditional dog harness. It is suitable for small, medium, and large-sized dogs from 14 lbs to 170 lbs.

No Pull Design

This leash harness is designed to be non pull. I think it should only be used by experienced dog owners as to when your dog pulls, the leash harness gently tightens around the dog’s barrel and not around his neck. You should never jerk, yank, or correct your dog with the leash harness.

It is also very important to properly fit this harness to prevent any tightening on the dog’s neck. To prevent this from happening you must align the backstops with front legs.

Escape Resistant

If your dog attempts to back out of this harness, the leash will tighten like a slip lead. You should never leave this leash harness on your dog unattended.


The leash harness is made with heavy-duty yet lightweight durable rope.

Made in USA

Proudly made in USA

The Pros

No pull design

Escape resistant

Suitable for all sizes

Lightweight and durable

The Cons

Only for experienced dog owners to use

Check Price on Amazon


How Do Dogs Escape From Harnesses?

I’m sure there are techniques unique to every dog to mount an escape from a harness. Normally however the two most observed methods of escape are:

1. Backing Up

Many dogs used the tried and tested method to escape by backing up on the harness and then do a jiggle to free themselves.

2. Use Their Teeth

Other dogs decide to escape with the old trusted method of chewing through things with their teeth. I personally would not leave the harness on my dog after an outing for a variety of reasons. When there is no harness to chew this can eliminate this method of escape.


The Different Types of Dog Harness

When researching the topic of dog harnesses I was quite surprised to find out that dog harnesses have been around for over 9,000 years.  They were mostly used in countries above the Arctic Circle transporting people and goods to inaccessible parts of the country. Of course, this was well before the invention of the airplane, snowmobile, or even the truck.

Freight Harness

The type of harness used by dogs to transport goods and freight is called an H-back harness. It has a wide chest band that is well padded and distributes the weight over a larger part of the body.

Sports Harness

Sports harnesses used in such sports as dog sledding races and are called X-Back Harnesses. They are lighter and shorter than the freight harness. They are so-called as the straps form an X across the dog’s back. These are specialized harnesses for sports dogs that are really growing in popularity.
Source: Wiki – Pet Harness

Today there is a huge selection of dog harnesses to choose from and your choice will depend on what type of activity your dog engages in. For this article, we will only be focusing on a harness used for normal walking and playing activity and their types range from the following:

Front Clip Harness

The front clip dog harness gives you more control over your dog.  With a front clip harness, your dog walks alongside you side by side. As it says in the name, the clip that attaches to the leash is located at the front of the harness.  So when your dog pulls on the lead then the front lead attachment causes him to turn his chest towards you thereby reducing the pulling.

Back-Clip Harness

With these types of harnesses, the clip that attaches to the leash is located on the back of the dog. Back Clip Harnesses are really only suitable for well-trained dogs and dogs that do not pull on the lead. If you use a back clip harness on a dog that pulls then you are in for a rough ride

Often a back clip harness is also suitable for small dogs and/or dogs who have neck or throat issues.

Vest Harness

The Vest Harness is worn like a piece of doggie clothing and often has a leash attachment at the front. Usually, dog owners like the padding a vest harness provides. Also, it can be easier for some owners to get their dogs into the best harness, however, it is very important to make sure the vest fits snuggly. You cannot alter a vest harness once it’s on your dog so before purchasing one make sure you measure your dog correctly for neck and girth size.


Advantages in Using A Dog Harness


1. Better Control

Using a dog harness gives you better control of your dog. It can be easier to maneuver him around obstacles especially if you have to bring your dog into a busy street with lots of people and distractions.

2. Discourages Pulling

In general, when your dog pulls with a harness his front legs will lift from the ground and you think you have a circus dog for that fleeting moment. It’s not so good to walk on two paws when you have another available two.

3. Jumping Safer

With a harness on your dog and he decides suddenly to jump onto another person or dog then you will not injure his neck and trachea by pulling on the harness. He will be brought back down to earth safely and without injury.

4. Provides Assistance

Often harnesses come with a strap or handle on the top. This can be really helpful in certain situations. For example if you have a senior or disabled dog then you can give that little help when needed on steps or else pull them quickly out of a dangerous situation.

5 . Makes Escaping Difficult

Escaping from a harness is usually more difficult than slipping off a collar. The harnesses we have selected below are some of the best escape proof harnesses around. Now you may have a special Houdini Dog

Dog Harness Buyers Guide


Buyers Guide for an Escape-Proof Dog Harness


1. Leash Attachment Location

As mentioned above some harnesses work better with well-trained dogs. A harness that has a leash attachment on the back will not work with a dog that pulls. You may as well enter a sledding competition if you use this type of harness.  A lease attachment point on the front works better for dogs that pull. So before purchasing a harness make sure you buy one that has the leash attachment in the most suitable location.

2. Handle Attachment

Having a handle attachment on the harness can be a real help. For example, if you have a senior dog you can give him some assistance with steps or getting into and out of the car. It can also be useful when you are faced with an emergency situation and you need to either remove your dog quickly or restrain him.

3. Quality Connectors & Buckles

The connectors that attach to the leash should be of good quality as they ensure that your dog stays attached to the harness. Connectors are usually metal or high-end plastic. The same applies to the buckles that keep the harness securely on your dog.

4. Good Quality Materials

This really should go without saying as better quality materials will result in a better-constructed harness that doesn’t fall apart after a few uses. Normally a good durable material such as leather and breathable nylon work best.

5. Padding for Comfort

Padding gives the harness that extra bit of comfort and who doesn’t like that. Some harnesses are padded throughout while others only have chest padding. Again check to see what suits your dog the best.



Our top pick for the best escape-proof dog harness goes to Didog Escape Proof Harness. This harness has a very simple and effective design – just one buckle does the trick. There will be no messing about with straps and legs to secure your escape artist dog.

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