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Did You Feed The Dog? Reminder

Did You Feed The Dog? Reminder

When you live with others in a household with a dog often times you will hear the expression: ” Did you feed the dog?”  It can become almost like a mantra at breakfast and dinner time.

In a busy household, it can be difficult to keep track of dog meals when more than one person is responsible for feeding the dog. Sometimes there can be cross communications and your dog ends up eating multiple meals in a day or may even miss a meal. Also, many dogs eat their food very quickly and so one family member may not be aware and end up feeding the dog again.

Unfortunately, dogs haven’t quite mastered the ability to speak and respond to the question you ask “Have you been fed?”. Instead, they will look at you with big sorrowful eyes so the inevitable happens.


The Solution

The Did You Feed The Dog? (DYFTD?) is a device reminder to help you track and remind you if you fed your dog in the morning and/or afternoon by using a color-coding slider system.

Did You Feed The Dog?
Did You Feed The Dog?

Did You Feed Your Dog?  – How It Works

At the top of the device, it is clearly marked DID YOU FEED THE DOG?

Running down the left-hand side are the days of the week starting with Sunday (SUN) and ending with Saturday (SAT). To the right of the days of the week, there are two columns with the headings AM and PM.

For each day of the week, there is a slot with a small slider for AM and PM.

Once your dog has been fed you simply move the slider with a click to the right and this reveals a green background. So you can tell from looking at the device that your dog has been fed on that day as the background is green for AM.

So if someone else pops into the kitchen and sees that the green tab is showing then there is no need to feed your dog again. Your dog may be disappointed but it will help prevent any over-eating and gaining a few extra pounds.


Key Benefits

No More Miscommunication

This device helps eliminate miscommunication if used correctly and at all times when feeding. All family or household members must make it part of the routine when feeding your dog to use the slider. It is clear once the green tab shows that the dog has been fed.

Helps Maintains Body Weight

The device makes it simple to know if your dog has been fed. This will cut down the number of times that your dog will receive multiple meals in a day. Some dogs will consume numerous dinners if allowed so this will help control their weight and hopefully avoid obesity.

Gives Responsibility to Kids

Once children in the home know how to use the device correctly you will be able to delegate who gets to feed the dog and move the slider. This gives children a sense of responsibility and it will be good for their confidence and self-esteem when involved in caring for the family dog’s meals.


Key Features

Well Made & Stylish

The device is made from sturdy high-impact ABS plastic so it is built to last. It is a solid unit. It has a brush metal appearance so it will look good in your home or apartment.

Simple Color Coding

The device operates on a simple color-coding system where green means that your dog has been fed and if silver  your dog has not been fed. The green color stands out on the device so easy to spot.

Slide & Click

When you need to move the slider it has been designed to “click” into place. You will hear a small click when moved. This ensures that the slider does not fall out of position.

Mounts Easily

The device can be easily mounted on most flat surfaces such as the fridge, press, wall, etc. You have the option of using the 4 small magnets at the back on each of the 4 corners or there is adhesive mounting tape included with the package.

Dimensions & Weight

Product Dimensions : Length 6″ x Width 4.5″ x Thickness 0.63 inches
Weighs 3.84 Ounces

The Pros

American company and the original creators of this product so established a reputation.

Durable,  sturdy, and stylish

Easy to see the green background

Easily mounted as comes with magnets and adhesive mounting squares

The Cons

Some dogs will need to be fed more than two times.

Some users had difficulty moving the slider into place but this is a small minority. It clicks into place rather than slides so it will require a little force but not with too much force as you could pull the device off its mounting.


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Keith Byrne

Keith Byrne

From an early age Keith has been around dogs. He has been involved in dog grooming, dog walking, dog sitting and dog showing as well as voluntary work in animal shelters. His aim is to help all dog owners especially newbies learn about dogs and care for them in a loving, caring and fun way.


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