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Best Dog Lift Harnesses

Best Dog Lift Harnesses

Time passes quickly and as we grow older we may no longer be able to run up and down the stairs as before. Unfortunately, it’s the same for our furry pals. They may now need a little help climbing the stairs or perhaps getting in and out of the car. A dog harness lift can help in these situations. It’s the same for us humans. After an injury, you may need to use a crutch or rely more heavily on the handrail to climb those stairs.

The dog lift harness serves the same function – it provides that helping hand!

Works for All – Injured Pups/Senior Dogs / Disabled Dogs

As well as senior dogs benefiting from using a dog lift harness it can also help younger dogs with injuries or those that have a disability.

By using the harness it helps take the pressure off any injuries and gives them time to heal. I know it’s not easy keeping an injured pup out of mischief while an injury heals but in the long term using a harness like this can help speed up the healing process. Always have a chat with your veterinarian about your options. Some of the harnesses reviewed below would be suitable for use post-surgery.

There are many different types of lift harnesses some can double as a dog leash while others are designed to give your furry friend a hand with stairs, steps, and car jumps. Below we have listed our quick top picks. There are more detailed reviews of each dog lift harness further down the page.

Dog Lift Harness

Loobani Portable Dog Sling for Back Legs Rating 4.6
PetSafe Solvit CareLift Lifting Aid Harness for DogsRating 3.9
Kurgo Pet Lift HarnessRating 4.2
Peak Pooch Lifting Carry Harness Rating 4.6
Max and Neo Dog Lift Support & Rehab Harness Rating 4.


Article Summary: Best Dog Lift Harnesses

What Is A Dog Lift Harness? What Is A Dog Lift Harness?
Buyers Guide for Dog Lift harness Buyers Guide for Dog Lift Harness
Why Do Some Dogs Need A Lift Harness Why Do Some Dogs Need A Lift Harness?
The Different Designs of Lift Harnesses The Different Designs of Lift Harnesses
How To Use A Dog Lift Harness How To Use A Dog Lift Harness
Uses for a Dog Lift Harness Uses For A Dog Lift Harness
Top Picks for Dog Lift Harnesses Top 5 Picks for Dog Lift Harnesses


Dog Lift Harness Top Picks

No. 1 – Loobani Portable Dog Sling

Our top pick is Loobani Portable Dog Sling which is a very effective sling that will support your furry friend when needed with steps, stairs, or even on short walks. It’s a high-quality product and very simple to use with soft wool-like padding and reflective nylon strap and a comfortable handle. It comes in 3 main sizes and can support even large dog breeds.

Loobani Portable Dog Sling for Back Legs

Features include:

Strong & Durable

The Loobani sling is well made and many users rave about its high quality. It is made with a strong reflective nylon strip to support your dog’s weight. The straps for the handle are adjustable and the handle itself is also padded for a comfortable grip.


The part of the sling that sits underneath your dog is made from soft sheep-like material so that should provide your dog with comfort. Even the handle of the sling has removable padding and this can help to protect your hand for an easy and comfortable lift.

Adjustable Straps

The adjustable straps mean that the sling can be adjusted to suit your requirements. You don’t want to be bending over and cause an injury to your back while helping your furry pal.

Simple to Use

Very simple to use and just deploy the sling when required. It comes with a complimentary storage bag when not in use or else you can take it with you while on a short walk just in case you come across any unforeseen obstacles.

Some users found this sling very helpful when it came to bath-time. As the entire sling is machine washable there is no problem with it getting wet. You will need help with an extra person to hold your dog in the sling while you bathe your dog unless you have 4 arms!


Comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large.


The Pros

Well made high quality and durable

Very comfortable with sheep-like covering for the underbelly

Simple to use and no setup required

Entire sling machine washable

The Cons

When male dogs need to pee the sling would need to be adjusted so a little bit of maneuvering required

Some users found the sling slipped out of position


Check Price on Amazon


No 2 – PetSafe Solvit CareLift Lifting Aid Harness for Dogs

The PetSafe Solvit CareLift Lifting Aid Harness for Dogs provides full-body support for your dog with support handles so that you can easily lift your dog from the front, rear, or both sections. The PetSafe brand has been in business for a long time and has USA based customer care support to answer any questions on 1800 845 3274

Features include:

Full Body Support & Adaptable

This harness offers full-body support and is adaptable for use on different sections of your dog’s body. The
Unique design reduces stress by lifting the hips and abdomen together. So if your fury friend just needs support on the front or rear the option you have that option. Similarly, if your dog needs both front and rear support you can help with that too.


The harness easily adjusts so you can get the best fit for your dog. It is advisable to check the sizing chart to ensure you get the best possible fit for the harness.


The extra padding supports your dog and reduces lifting strain. There is a very good option for male dogs as you can remove the protective shield while walking. However, some users would prefer more padding under the armpits and groin areas.

3 Sizes

Comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large.

USA Customer Care

Long established brand that comes with a USA customer care on 1800 845 3274


The Pros

Offers full support or can be just used on the front or the rear sections

Comfortable for most users but some would prefer more padding

Adjustable straps to suit needs

Includes specially-shaped protector panel for males (removes for females).

USA Customer support

The Cons

It could have had more padding on the straps in the under the armpit & groin and for the metal adjustment buckles for comfort during prolonged wear.
Some users wary of the plastic catch at the rear of the harness


Check Price on Amazon

No. 3 – Kurgo Pet Lift Harness

The Kurgo Pet Lift Harness is an ergonomically designed lift carrier that was designed to reduce contact with painful points. Suitable for dogs in the weight range 50 to 80 lbs this lift harness offers your dog a full range of motion while still supporting the chest and rear point.

Kurgo Pet Lift Harness

Features include:

Ergonomic Design

With a soft padded body area, this harness has been designed to reduce contact with painful points.  This harness offers your dog a full range of motion while supporting the necessary chest and rear points

Adjustable Straps & Easy Grab Handle

It features a chest strap for added control and fully adjustable straps underneath and on top. The strategically placed handle makes it easy to grab and lift.


There is only one size. It is designed for dogs between 40 – 80 lbs with chests up to 36″, It is advisable to measure your dog on the widest part of his cheat to ensure a proper fit.

Lifetime Guarantee

Kurgo offers a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects on its product line.


The Pros

Well made good quality

Easy to put on and take off

Adjustable straps and good drip handle

Lifetime guarantee against manufacturer’s defects

The Cons

Will need to take off harness for a male to urinate

Some users had issues with the strap around the chest slipping out of place.


Check Price on Amazon

No. 4 – Pet Pooch Lifting Carry Harness

The Peak Pooch Lifting Carry Harness is a heavy-duty ripstop nylon harness with reflective trim. It comes with a rubber handle which makes it easy for lifting and dealing with mobility issues. It has two securing clasps, one under the chest area and another one is located on the belly.

Features include:

Well Made

The harness is durable and well made. It can be used as a regular walking harness too with a nickel loop to attach the leash.


It has well-cushioned support with 2 adjustable buckle straps.

Easy to Put on with Adjustable Straps

It’s quite easy to place this harness on your dog. First slip the harness over your dog’s head, next tighten the nylon straps which are easily adjustable, buckle underneath, and then tighten or loosen as appropriate.

Various Sizes

This harness comes in 5 different sizes. It’s important to measure your dog accurately so that you have a properly fitting harness.

Measure your dog from the widest part of his chest.
X Small: 17″ to 23″ Chest
Small: 20 – 27″ Chest
Medium: 22″ – 31″ Chest
Large: 27″ – 38″ Chest
X Large: 32″ – 46″ Chest


The Pros

Good quality well made durable harness

Comfortable padding

Various sizes available

The Cons

In order for male dogs to urinate, you will need to remove the strap pad and adjust the backstrap.

May need to bend over to lift the dog


Check Price on Amazon


No. 5 – Max and Neo Dog Lift Support & Rehab Harness

The Max and Neo Dog Lift Support & Rehab Harness is made of heavy-duty nylon with two padded neoprene comfort handles and overlapping Velcro folds to easily and comfortably fit the support harness to your dog.

With every rehab harness sold this company generously donates an identical harness to a dog rescue throughout the USA. It really is a very noble and generous donation to help dogs in need.

Max and Neo Dog Lift Support & Rehab Harness


Features include:

Well Made & Comfortable

The handles of this harness are stitched with reinforced box stitches. This ensures that the harness can handle even the heaviest dogs. There is also a reflective night safety thread and the heavy-duty harness sling is padded for added comfort for your dog.

Velcro Closure – Safety Feature

Unlike some other lift harnesses that will fall off if you let go of the handles, this one has a velcro closure at the top to prevent this from happening. This gives you the option to keep the harness on your dog even if you are not holding the harness handles.

Fully-Padded Neoprene Handles

The harness has two fixed-length carrying handles that are padded with neoprene along the entire length of the handle. This ensures that you can lift heavy dogs without the handle digging into your hands. The handles are also double-stitched with reflective stitching for safety at night.


The Pros

Good quality well made durable harness

Extra safety feature with velcro closure

Padded for comfort

Excellent comfortable lift handle

USA company that donates a harness to dog rescue for every harness sold.

The Cons

The handles are not adjustable

Some users found the sling a little stiff but over time and usage it should adjust


Check Price on Amazon



What is a Dog Lift Harness?

A dog lift harness is a sling that wraps around your dog’s body and comes with a handle so that you can elevate or lift your dog. A dog lift harness is sometimes referred to as a mobility harness. There are various different types of lift harnesses. Some are designed specifically for the hindquarters, others are made for the front section while others are for general use for a temporary lift when required.


Buyers Guide for Dog Lift Harness

There are several things worth considering before buying a lift harness for your dog and we have listed them below.

1. Cost & Quality

These two usually go hand in hand. You want a good quality harness at a competitive price. There is nothing worse than purchasing an item and it falls apart after a single use.

The harness should be durable and made to support your dog’s weight

2. Comfortable

The harness needs to be comfortable. It’s bad enough for your furry friend already without inflicting discomfort on him with an uncomfortable harness.

Make sure the harness lift points are well padded and made from strong material such as nylon. Make sure there are no sharp edges or adjustment buckles digging into your dog’s skin.

You would also want a handle that is easy to grip with some padding.

3. Size

Choosing the best lift harness will also depend on having the correct size of harness for your dog. Make sure you measure your dog based on the harness sizing instructions. Every harness is different and will have different specifications. You would want to make sure you have the right fit.


Why Do Some Dogs Need a Lift Harness

There are a wide number of reasons why your dog may need a lift harness and we have outlined the main reasons below.

Senior Dogs

Many senior dogs just need a little helping hand to live a happy life. A lift harness can help your senior dog deal with steps and stairs. It means that your dog is not left out and feels still part of the family and can participate in daily activities.

Recent Surgery

If your dog has had recent surgery a lift harness could be a great help. It takes the pressure off the hip and joints and also gives your dog a chance to recover and heal.

Joint Issues – Arthritis / Hip Dysplasia

Just like humans our dogs unfortunately can develop arthritis which can lead to difficulty walking. Some breeds such as German Shepherd Dog, Great Dane, Labrador Retriever, and Saint Bernard are also prone to another joint condition called hip dysplasia.

Disabled Dogs

The lift harness again is very useful for disabled dogs who may be missing a limb or have some other limitation. It can help with those tasks which would be no problem if they had 4 legs.


Different Designs of Lift Harness

There are various different styles and designs of lift harness to choose from. It’s worth taking a while to consider which type suits your dog the best

There are sling-type harnesses which are slings usually made with a very soft padded underbelly that is placed under your dog for lifting. They are not attached to any harness and can be easily removed after use.

There are lift harnesses that strap onto a harness and can be used while walking your dog and there are lift harnesses that enclose the dog’s chest and come with a handle.

It’s always advisable to consult your vet as to your best option on which harness to choose.


How to Use A Dog Lift Harness

There are various types of harnesses so it’s important to follow the instructions for each different style and type.

Introduce Slowly

Before going for a test run with the harness on your dog it is important to introduce the harness slowly.

Some dogs are very sensitive to new things especially wearables.  Give your furry friend time to sniff and smell the harness before placing it on him. Encouragement and reassuring words and perhaps even a tasty treat can work wonders!

Try It On For Size

After being comfortable around the harness it’s time now to try it on for size. If using a sling just wrap it around his body but do not attempt any lifting just yet. Make sure your pal is comfortable and is relaxed.

Attempt A Small Test Lift

Now it’s time to try a small test lift so make sure your furry friend is good to go. Slowly pull the handle of the harness upwards and then slowly back down. Check to make sure everything is good.

Practice & Good To Go

Once you’ve repeated this short exercise a few times and you feel your dog is comfortable and secure with the harness it’s time to try some real steps. If possible just try one or two steps first until you both get used to dealing with the harness. Obviously, some dogs are much bigger than others and will take more of an effort probably physically and mentally.


Different Ways To Use Sling Lift Harness

The sling lift harness works by placing the wide section under your dog’s stomach and you lift both handles.

It’s important to make sure that the straps on either side of the sling are aligned and of equal length.  You can take the two straps in both hands or else you can combine the straps together so that that one hand can be free to place on the underneath of your dog. Of course, this all depends on your dog’s size and weight as well as your own physical well-being.

For example, when getting into the back of a car or SUV you may want to have one hand free to place under your dog and the other hand lifts both straps by the handle.

If your dog is too big to lift then perhaps a dog ramp would be a more suitable and safer option.



Uses for a Dog Lift Harness


When your senior dog stands at the stairs and looks up at you from the ground. He knows it’s going to be a struggle to climb those stairs so he decides against it.

A dog lift harness can really come in handy and it means your dog will not miss out as you will be able to assist him to negotiate those stairs. Then when at the top perhaps a nap on your bed would do nicely too. Again your dog lift harness can come to the rescue.

Out for a Short Walk

A dog lift harness will give your dog a chance to go for a short walk now with some assistance. There are lift harnesses that can attach to the leash so when your furry pal is feeling tired you will be able to assist him.

Into & Out of Car

Although your dog cannot jump into the car a lift harness will help with this. A good few years ago my old dog would stand while I lifted him into the car. At the time I wasn’t even aware that lift harnesses were around. It’s can also help ensure that you are not faced with any back injuries as lifting some dogs can be quite a chore.



Our top pick for the best dog lift harness goes to the Loobani Portable Dog Sling. It’s a high-quality product that can help your dog with steps and stairs. It comes with a comfortable handle and soft wool-like padding and it’s available in 3 sizes.

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