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5 Best Slicker Brushes

5 Best Slicker Brushes

It’s so important to keep your dog free of tangles and matting as they can cause discomfort and can ultimately lead to irritations of the skin and possibly even infections. Establishing a brushing routine is important to ensure these things don’t happen.

If you have a puppy or young dog then it’s great to get them started as soon as possible. They will get used to brushing and there will no need to chase them around the kitchen while half brushed.

In this article, we are going to be reviewing the best slicker brush. The slicker brush has been designed for dogs that have medium to long dense coats including wiry and curly-haired coats.

There are many different types and styles of slicker brushes and they come in all shapes and sizes and weights. There are large-sized curved slicker brushes used on long-coated dogs and small slicker brushes with softer bristles suitable for small breeds with finer coats. The type of your dog’s coat will determine the best type of slicker brush for your fur baby. We have chosen a selection that suits different requirements.

Best Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Our Rating 4.5
Glendan Dog Slicker Grooming BrushOur Rating 4.6
Pet Craft Calming Slicker Grooming Brush Our Rating 4.4
FURminator Soft Grooming Slicker Brush Our Rating 4.4
Paw Brothers Extra Long Hard Pin Slicker Our Rating 4.7


Article Summary: 5 Best Slicker Brushes

What Is A Dog Bike Basket? What is a Slicker Brush?
Benefits of Using A Slicker Brush Benefits of Using a Slicker Brush
How To Use A Slicker Brush How to Use a Slicker Brush
Things To Note When Using A Slicker Brush Things To Note When Using A Slicker Brush
The Slicker Brush & Suitable Dog Breeds The Slicker Brush & Suitable Dog Breeds
Top Picks for Dog Bike Baskets Top Picks for Slicker Brushes

Photo of a West Highland Terrier with a groomer using a slicker brush on the hair around the top of the head


Top Picks: Best Slicker Brushes

No 1.  Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is one of our top choices for slicker brushes. What we particularly like about this brush is the retractable bristle system that makes cleaning the brush so easy. You simply push the button on the handle and the wire bristles retract leaving the hair on the brush for easy disposal in the trash.

It is also easy to handle as it is lightweight coming in at 3.2 oz and has an ergonomically designed handle for easy grip and control. This brush would be best suited for dogs with denser coats as the wire bristles could irritate thinner coated dogs.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush
Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Key Features

Retractable Bristle System

when you first use this slicker brush you will need to push the button on the handle to engage the bristles. You will hear a click and the bristles will be on the surface of the brush. There is no need to hold and keep the button down. When you have finished brushing your dog,  then push the button again and the bristles withdraw so you can easily take the excess hair from the brush and dispose of it in the trash. Makes it so easy to clean and it means the bristle heads are not damaged or broken when trying to clean.

Well Made & Durable

The brush is well made and should withstand good brushing sessions. It has been designed with a comfortable grip and anti-slip handle. This will help as it can become tiring especially if you need to brush a large breed dog – give you a good arm workout.

Many users were happy with the quality of the brush and the wire bristles kept their shape over time and did not bend or break.

Weight & Dimensions

Weighs 3.2 Oz with Dimensions 5.8″x 3″ x 10″


The Pros

Retractable bristle system with a push-button for easy cleaning

Well made and sturdy

Ergonomically designed handle with good grip

Works on both cats and dogs with denser coats.

The Cons

Some users had an issue with the push-button & had to hold it on for bristles to stay open


Check Price on Amazon

No 2. Glendan Dog Slicker Grooming Brush

The Glendan Dog Slicker Grooming Brush has a really good feature which we particularly liked – it can swivel 360 degrees. This makes it easy to maneuver and very convenient to brush those more difficult parts to reach.

This grooming brush would not be classified as a traditional slicker brush as the bristle pins are coated at the tip end. This ensures that the bristles will not scrape or scratch your dog’s skin causing discomfort and irritation. With gentle strokes, you could use this on dogs with less dense coats with either short or long hair but again gently does it with no hard pressing against the skin. And it comes with a 90 Day money-back guarantee.

Glendan Dog Slicker Grooming Brush
Glendan Dog Slicker Grooming Brush

Key Features

Well Made

Well made brush with rubber handle and stainless steel bristles with protective tips at the end

Swivels 360 Degrees

The ability to swivel means that you can easily move the brush into angles and areas of your dog’s body to ensure that a thorough brushing occurs.

Anti Slip Handle

The brush has been designed with an anti-slip handle with a comfortable grip.


Color: Black & Blue or Black & Pink
Material: Rubber and Stainless steel
Size: Length 6.3″ x Width 3.96″
Brush Pin Length: 0.4″
Handle Length: 3.7″


The Pros

Well made

Anti Slip Handle

Can swivel 360 so very easy to maneuver

90 Day Quality Guarantee – Money Back

The Cons

Not work as well on double-coated dogs or on dogs with very dense coats.


Check Price on Amazon


No 3. Pet Craft Calming Slicker Grooming Brush

The Pet Craft Calming Slicker Grooming Brush is another self-cleaning slicker brush that works really well for your pet grooming needs. The brush has stainless steel pins that are sturdy and strong for the densest and thickest double coats.

Again we like the retracting feature with a push-button that makes it easy to clean up after a grooming session and there is no need to pull out the fur from the brush or mess about with combs and other instruments to collect the fur.

Pet Craft Calming Slicker Grooming Brush
Pet Craft Calming Slicker Grooming Brush

Key Features

Well Made With Strong Bristles

This slicker brush is suitable for double-coated dogs and dogs with dense coats as the stainless steel bristles are strong. We would not recommend this slicker brush for dogs with thin delicate coats as the bristles would be too strong and could cause discomfort on the skin.

Self Cleaning

The brush has a push-button that retracts the bristles. This makes it easy to clean the brush when your grooming session is complete. Very convenient feature as it ensures that the bristles will not be damaged or bent while cleaning ensuring a longer life span for the brush.

Ergonomic Handle

This slicker brush has an ergonomic handle that prevents hand and wrist strain. It is comfortable to grip  and has an anti-slip surface so the brush won’t easily slip out of your hand while brushing.

The Pros

Well made with strong bristles to tackle dense double coated dogs

Very easy to clean as you can retract the brustles by using the push button on the handle.

Ergonomic handle with anti slip surface

The Cons

It may be a little too hard for dogs with very sensitive skin


Check Price on Amazon

No 4. FURminator Soft Grooming Slicker Brush

The FURminator Soft Grooming Slicker Brush is another top pick and this brush has built a good reputation over the last few years. This slicker brush with an ergonomic handle is intended for use on dogs with wiry and silky coats.

If you have a double-coated dog or a dog with a curly, long, or dense coat then FURminator has one for these types of coats too with firmer bristles.

We particularly like the fact that this slicker brush is two-sided – straight bristles on one side with bent bristles on the other side. This dual flex head design allows you to follow the natural contours of your dog’s body.

FURminator Soft Grooming Slicker Brush
FURminator Soft Grooming Slicker Brush

Key Features

Dual Sided Brush

It is a dual-sided brush with bent bristles on one side and straight bristles on the other side.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle is designed to be comfortable to grip and it will not slip out of your hand so easily.

Anti Microbial Plastic

The plastic is anti-microbial so this helps keep germs and other microbes at a minimum.

Product Dimensions

8″ x 2.7 ” x 1.5 ” & Weighs 5.6 Ounces


The Pros

Dual-sided brush with bent bristles on one side and bent on the other giving you plenty of options for brushing various parts of the body

Well known product with a good reputation

Ergonomic handle

The Cons

Will need to remove fur by hand and some users found it difficult as bristles so close together – might remove them using  a plastic comb


Check Price on Amazon


N0 5. Paw Brothers Extra Long Hard Pin Slicker

If you are looking for an effective slicker brush for double-coated dogs then the Paw Brothers Extra Long Hard Pin Slicker is the slicker brush for you.

Suitable for medium to large-sized dogs with long thick coats, we particularly like the one-inch stainless steel bristles that allow you to penetrate deep into your dog’s coat and get to any tangles or knots. With rounded corners, the brush will not catch fur and it is suitable for both professional and novice groomers.

Paw Brothers Extra Long Hard Pin Slicker
Paw Brothers Extra Long Hard Pin Slicker

Key Features

Well Made

This slicker brush is well made and sturdy and suitable for use on large breeds dogs with double coats.

Extra Long Bristles (Pins)

The one-inch bristles allow you to penetrate deep into your dog’s coat to tackle any tangles or matting effectively.

Grip Handle

The slicker brush has a good grip handle so the brush will not slip and allow you to maneuver the brush easily.


The Pros

Well made with solid construction

One inch bristles allow you to get deep into your dog’s coat

Good grip handle with non-slip feature

The Cons

Will need to remove hair from slicker brush by hand


Check Price on Amazon



What Is A Slicker Brush?

A Slicker Brush normally has a rectangular shape made up of small bent metal bristles fitted closely together on a flat surface which is then connected by a handle that can be easily gripped. The bristles or pins on a traditional slicker brush are made from stainless steel. Traditional slicker brushes do not have any protective tip at the end of the bristles.


Slicker Brush


Benefits of Using A Slicker Brush

1. Works on Tangles & Matting

A slicker brush works great on tackling tangles and matting in your dog’s coat. The wire bristles can loosen the tangles without pulling the hair. It also removes any dirt and debris that may lay hidden in the coat.

2. Helps Reduce Shedding

If you use a slicker brush on a regular basis then it will most definitely reduce the amount of hair your dog sheds.  Any dead or loose hair from the undercoat will be removed and these types of brushes work really well on dense coated dogs.

3. Improves Dog’s Coat

The bristles on the slicker brush also massage your dog’s skin that can encourage increased blood flow circulation. This can ultimately lead to a better conditioned shiny coat for your fur baby.

4. Healthier Skin

The slicker brush also helps remove any dead skin, dander, and other irritants like grass and pollen. This will leave the skin clear of any buildup that could problems.

5. Relaxing Massage

When used correctly these brushes can be almost like a relaxing massage for your dog.

Some dogs may even learn to enjoy being brushed and can find it relaxing. My previous dog loved to be brushed and would even close his eyes while undergoing grooming. Of course, it’s best when there are no tangles or matting in your dog’s coat but if you brush regularly and consistently this will not happen. Remember it’s best to brush with the grain of the hair and don’t dig in with the bristles.


How To Use A Slicker Brush

It is important when using a slicker brush or any brush to go in the direction of the hair growth. Never go against it as it will pull the hair and cause discomfort. You wouldn’t like someone pulling your hair either.

Next, use short strokes but make sure they are smooth and gentle. Try to avoid pressing or digging with a slicker brush as it will cause your fur baby discomfort and possible irritation.

Normally start at your dog’s head and work your way down to the tail.

When you are using the slicker brush it’s worth noting that matting and tangles are usually behind the ears and under the legs. Remember to brush these spots and of course in these sensitive areas always brush gently.


Slicker Brush


Important Things To Note When Using A Slicker Brush


1. Check Your Dog’s Skin Before Using A Slicker Brush

Before using a slicker brush it is important to check your dog’s skin to make sure there are no lesions or cuts on the skin. A slicker brush can have firm stainless steel bristles which could potentially cause discomfort, irritation or even further inflame any existing lesion or cut on the skin.

2. Avoid Brush Burn

Brush burns from slicker brushes can occur if you apply too much pressure when removing mats from your dog’s coat. The site bristles can scrape the dog’s skin causing irritation.

Many white-colored dogs tend to have more sensitive skin so just be careful when you brush to be gentle and check every so often. If your dog winches while brushing you should stop and make sure you are not causing discomfort.

Suitable For Medium & Long-Haired Dogs

The Slicker Brush is most suitable for medium and long-haired breeds including wavy and curly-haired dog breeds. I’ve always used a slicker brush for my Kerry Blue Terrier which would fall into that category as Kerry Blues have a short dense wavy coat that doesn’t shed.



The Slicker Brush & Suitable Dog Breeds

There are hundreds of dog breeds and with this large variety, there will be lots of different coat type variations. In choosing to use a slicker brush it is important to know what type of coat your dog has. Normally slicker brushes are best for dogs with double coats such as Siberian Husky and Bernese Mountain Dog or dogs with dense curly or wiry coats such as Poodles and Kerry Blue Terriers.

Dogs with delicate or fine coats would not be suitable for slicker brushes as the bristles would come into contact with the skin as their coats would not be dense enough. On those dog coats, you should consider using a bristle brush or a pin brush.

A Slicker Brush Can Be Used on the following Dog Breeds

Airedale Terrier Akita Alaskan Malamute
American Cocker Spaniel American Water Spaniel Bearded Collie
Bedlington Terrier Bernese Mountain Dog Bichon Frise
Borzoi Bouvier Des Flandres Briard
Brittany Spaniel Cairn Terrier Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Chow Chow Clumber Spaniel Collie Rough-Coated
Dandie Dinmont Terrier English Cocker Spaniel English Setter
English Springer Spaniel Field Spaniel German Wirehaired Pointer
Golden Retriever Gordon Setter Irish Setter
Irish Terrier Irish Water Spaniel Irish Wolfhound
Keeshond Kerry Blue Terrier Lakeland Terrier
Lhapo Apso Maltese Newfoundland
Norwegian Elkhound Old English Sheepdog Otterhound
Pomeranian Poodles Puli
Saint Bernard Samoyed Schnauzer – Giant, Min & Standard
Scottish Deerhound  Scottish Terrier Sealyham Terrier
Shetland Sheepdog
Shih Tzu
Siberian Husky
Silky Terrier
Skye Terrier
Tibetan Terrier
Welsh Springer Spaniel
Welsh Terrier
West Highland Terrier
Wheaten Terrier
 Wire Fox Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier



Our overall top pick for the best slicker brush for dogs goes to the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush. This lightweight brush has a retractable bristle system and an ergonomic design that makes it easier to groom your dog.


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